Russia invades Crimea

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Stop this hysteria! Putin didn't bring the army into Crimea.It was done by A.V.Suvorov back in 1778 and the army hasn't left it ever since!

On February 28th, 2014 armed men with no identifying markings, initially called polite armed men in green or polite people, but later identified as Russian GRU Spetsnaz forces left Russian military bases on Crimea in unmarked military vehicles and briefly secured a small number of strategic locations on Crimea, including the Parliament Building and and the Simerfopol International Airport. Western mainstream media however reported the evens as a full scale military invasion and occupation of Crimea, with armored columns entering from Russia and occupying every part of the peninsula. The Wikipedia article on these events, which bases itself on what it calls "reliable sources", i.e mainstream media, repeats these claims. This page looks at the evidence for these allegations.


The Russian foreign ministry said Friday that it had informed the Ukrainian government that armoured units from the Black Sea Fleet base near Sevastopol had entered Crimea in order to protect fleet positions.
“The Ukrainian side was also passed a note regarding the movement of armoured vehicles of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, which is happening in full accordance with the foundation Russian-Ukrainian agreement on the Black Sea Fleet,” the ministry said in a statement posted on its website on Friday afternoon.


Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca (1774)

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    In 1783, articles of treaties relating to the independence of Crimea were annulled - the Crimean Khanate was annexed to the Russian Empire; December 28, 1783 Russia and Turkey signed the "Act on Peace, Trade and the Borders of Both States", which repealed article 3 of the Kuchuk-Kainardzhi peace treaty on the independence of the Crimean Khanate.



Cassad The victims of the Crimean Spring are considered to be 5 people, who died during 3 episodes.

1. February 26, 2014 - Simferopol - 2 people. (Постный Виктор Андреевич, Коренева Валентина Даниловна )link.
2. 18 March 2014 - Simferopol - 2 people. (Прапорщик Сергей Кокурин, Ополченец Руслан Казаков) UAF ensign Sergey Kokurin-killed by unknown sniper; opolchenie member Ruslan Kazakov, also killed by unknown sniper.
3. April 6, 2014 - Novofedorivka - 1 person. (Станислав Карачевский). UAF major, killed after a domestic conflict- link.




Kerch, Crimea, February 22th, 2014. The public speaker makes a bad music choice. The audience goes mad: Rossiya, Rossiya!