Rozsypne Road of Death

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A drive north on the Rozsypne road of death - uploaded August 16, 2014, filmed solar noon of that day or the one before, unclear:

Video -liveleak

youtube link not available
Narration (best translation)


Location relative to Snizneh, Saur Moghila war memorial, another war memorial, and alleged MH17 launch site (no known relevance). Note: area boxed here is that shown from 3:00-6:00 on the video, some views indicated.

Ukraine Road Of Death mapped.png

The fuller route (final stretches left off/unclear) and where the wrecked vehicles were seen along the road (red = tank). Placements are quite approximate, and even the number of vehicles may not be right, but it gives a general sense of the distribution.

Ukraine Road of death mapped 2.png

One year later

A witness of Andrei Stenin death provided details of the tragedy, 05.08.2015, Full details still unclear, estimated 20 civilian cars were destroyed and those inside killed.Bodies are still not fully identified, and no full list of those who died. Opolchenie member "Boroda" saw Stenin right before his death. He came from Snezhnoe to Dmitrovka, which was under threat of being surrounded by Ukraine. He returned back by the same road, but by then it was taken over by Ukrainian national guard who shot any car driving on that road. Among others interviewed, Maria Zolotous, whose husband was killed. She was wounded but escaped to a nearby village and survived. Another couple , Mr and Mrs Sudakov were killed on the 'road of death', like Stenin.