Reforms and Democracy in Syria

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It's not for no cause that civilized people and nations will support the violent destruction of a sovereign government by an armed rebellion of a small and clearly obnoxious portion of its people, bolstered with a huge number of outside fighters (mercenaries and/or terrorists). Publicly, the reason is that the existing government is repressive, brutal, unresponsive, and un-democratic, so clearly those resisting are for the opposite; the stated goals of the armed fighters, Syrian and foreign, is freedom from Tyranny.

Actually, they more often state Islamist and sectarian/genocidal goals, but as stated by Syrian fake leaders of no influence in Turkey, and by their Western/Gulf Arab champions, the opposition activists/protesters/fighters aspire to freedom-oriented political reforms and representative government, like Arab Thomas Jeffersons.

The core questions this page will address are these: to what extent are reforms and democracy in Syria the distant goal of the usurpers, and to what extent are they real phenomena already unfolding in Syria, under the existing government? Following from that, which side is the best one to back for a democratic, inclusive, sane, reasonably just, and peaceful Syria?

We make no promises that this stub page will ever amount to much in this discussion, but it's worth a spot to encourage contributions. Anything good will first appear on the discussion page.