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Some powerful class of surface-to-surface missiles and/or rockets that had been rocking the city of Aleppo for some weeks at least before a February 18/19 barrage by what is being described as Scud missiles. This page will seek to sort out some useful details of various reports and especially videos of Syrian opposition having or taking possession or rokets and missiles that are arguably of the class and power to explain these events. Otherwise, they wuldseem to be the work of the professional military that tends to control such weapons, if not as exclusively as it once did.

This page is currently a stub. Below are some suggested headings waiting to be filled in. There will be many technical questions on the models and capabilities we see. These we may try to establish to some small degree, and invite input from anyone better situated and willing to register (it's easy!). Other details like the location and actual dates of various finds are more likely to be established here. Likely this will be at the discussion page to start with.

Rebel Rocket Accusations

The Syrian government's initial explanation for the Aleppo University Attack of January 15 was two rockets, obviously powerful ones, fired by opposition "terrorists," from Al-Lairamoun district to the northwest. So as of January 15, 2013, at the latest, the authorities have alleged the rebels had such weapons. Rebels denied it, blaming government fighter jets, but the emerging consensus it was an attack by surface-missiles, perhaps Scud-style.

Someone says, by the title, that this Scud firing is done by rebel defectors. "Syrian Jihadists launch giant missile." I'm pretty sure I've seen the same video branded as Syrian SAA soldiers, which seems more consistent: camouflage + no shouting Allahu Akbar. I call fake re-named video here. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:05, 27 March 2013 (UTC)

Found on Bases

Oct. 12, 2012, Aleppo

A missile base was taken by rebels near Aleppo in October, 2012 (details forthcoming) A report says "The air defense Alawite base seized by the freedom fighters was located in al-Tana village by the Koris (Quayres) military airport on the road east from Aleppo to al-Raqqa." (Kavkaz Center, Syrian freedom fighters seize Alawite government air base and eliminate 100 Assad's thugs) Oct. 12 video w/English subtitles: "Syrian Rebels Take Massive Ammounts of Scud Missiles"

We liberated an entire regiment in one night in Tanah in Haleb (Aleppo) ... (filmed pre-dawn? pretty dark) Missile/rockets seen in silhouette. Could be one of the same places and arrays shown below. Large radar building (?) at 0:15. At the beginning, at least five long, low vehicles like Scuds are launched from, are shown -perhaps with missiles in place (lighter-colored down the middle). --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:17, 27 March 2013 (UTC)

Jan. 22 2013, Aleppo area

Feb. 17 Video, location unknown

Feb. 23, Deir EzZor area

Rebels conquered the alleged nuclear reactor at Kibar? And they found hidden there and then took control of at least two Scud missiles? Enormous, empty building, a big long missile on a truck, possibly a Scud, another truck, no nuclear stuff. Lots of Allahu Akbar. Is this real? Is it functional? Was it planted? Is it where, or when, the video description says? (Wikimapia - between Deir Ez-Zor and Ar-Raqqah) تصوير ثاني لصاروخ السكود الذي تم السيطرة عليه من قبل الجيش الحر في مقر الكبر النووي المحرر - Video of the second Scud missile found in the nuclear plant at Kibar

March 10, Damascus

SOHR, March 10:

Reef Dimashq: Rebel fighters stormed a missile division in the Khan al-Shih area and took hold of large parts of it. Clashes are still ongoing inside the division between regular forces and rebel fighters. Missiles they could film, if not make off with and use, were shown on video (below).


Another way rebels might get a missile is by importing it across one of the borders. There are at least some crossing at some times they could manage that, there are plenty of people willing to try and supply them with nearly anything, and they’ve had plenty of time by early 2013 to have arranged something like that. The Syrian government would be trying hard to prevent this, and there remains no proof or specific evidence for such a transfer. If we discover anything of the sort, it will be posted here.

Homemade Rockets

SOHR reports, Feb. 18:

Clashes took place by the police academy in the Khan al-Asal area of western Reef Aleppo, where rebels from several factions, including non-Syrian combatants, have been trying to storm for several months; they are using home-made rockets.

This was a month after the Uinversity attack in western Aleppo. A rebel factory was busted by the authorities in Aleppo (area not clear) on or just before the day of the University attack, according to a SANA video. Explosives were being made there, it was said, along with custom-made armored vehicles, shown halfway through some fairly high-end work. It’s not hard to imagine the same people trying to work with rocket engines and explosive warheads. (Khan Al-Asal itself, Al-Lairamoun (where the government says the rockets were fired from), and the University are within a five-mile area with only vulnerable checkpoints blocking free movement) The questions of range and power would be most interesting here. All known design specifications would be out the window, and replaced the complex science of rocket production under unknown circumstances, unconstrained by usual norms.

A week earlier, a video suggested rebels had homemade rockets with a range up to 60 km: 10 2 Damascus أوغاريت دمشق , ضمن معارك القصاص العادل صواريخ متوسطة المدى 60كم "Ugarit News, Damascus, Feb.10 - within battles comeuppance fair medium-range missiles 60 km").

We can't be certain the claim is true, although the rocket does have a rather powerful thrust. But rebels themselves claim to have this, and such a range matters when considering, for example, the chlorine gas attack on Khan Al-Assal, Aleppo, on March 19. The Syrian government's claim (as reported to Alex Thomson, Channel 4) is that the rebel rocket responsible for that came from Al-Bab, here on Wikimapia, 47 km ENE of the target. Only something of about this range or longer would be capable, and as far as most people are concerned, they have none (see where site member Caustic Logic bring this to the attention of famous rebel weapons expert Brown Moses, who had no idea there was even a claim of rockets with such range.

Chlorine IRAMs

See also Chlorine