Neo-Nazi in Ukraine

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Top: Україна понад усе!, copied from 'Deutschland über alles'. Below: an owl with a sword piercing Russia, shown in grey. Source: Poroshenko web site, 24 Oct. 2016
Flag of the Misanthropic Division - German text "Töten für Wotan" means "Killing for Wotan (aka Odin)". The skull in this exact design is a prominent symbol of the Nazi SS.
Misanthropic Division recruitment poster (VK)
Misanthropic Division and Azov battalion flags on a recent UPA/defender day in Kiev, October 14, 2016 (VK).

There are many instances. There is no plan to document them all, but some recent ones are highlighted. The relevance of all this is especial cruelty of Ukrainian nationalist battalions towards civilians and prisoners in the war in Donbas, and incidents elsewhere in Ukraine (Odessa massacre of May 2, 2014 is one striking example). There are also murders of journalists, intimidation of pro-Russian supporters, etc. (Should be obvious, but if not, no support to any of that stuff here, of course; rather a concern that those things are happening).

Появилось заявление якобы убийц Моторолы - Александр Коц ‏@sashakots in Twitter, October 16, 2016

Video shows four masked gunmen claiming responsibility for Motorola's assassination. Flags of the Misanthropic Division and the Phoenix Division are placed in the background
  • Misanthropic division VK shows them participating in the recent defender day march in Kiev under their flag which is often (though not always) is rendered in the Nazi-themed skull version. (They denied a role in Motorola murder, but were cheering it up still).
  • "Phoenix" is a social media group of some young Ukrainian (Russian speaking) neo-Nazi, posting Nazi-themed materials on a regular basis. They did not kill Motorola, but were happy that he was killed, in a stark contrast with the attitude on the 'rebel' side towards their opponents.

14 October, 2016. Torchlight procession in Kiev held, celebrating Ukrainian day of defender, coinciding with the symbolic date of formation of UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), which fought Soviets and Poles and collaborated with the German Nazi in WW2 (long video feed, 1:36:31)

Rusvesna, 3 October, 2016

Former Colonel of Donetsk militia Vladimir Shilov, who fled to Kiev, and then led the company of "Donetsk" of the punitive battalion "Dnepr-1" posted on his Facebook page photos of a battalion militant nicknamed "Hans Dnipro" happily posing in the form of an SS officer.

Around 30 September, 2016. Israeli flag on a Kiev street, placed their for the occasion of Israeli president Rivlin visit, is torn down and burned by some kid, proudly bragging about this on social media. Rivlin visit included very critical statements on Ukrainian nationalists role in WW2.