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Based mainly on a list published by Ukrayinska Pravda.[1]

  1. Aratunyan George, Rivne (region), about 50 years. photo: Svoboda supporter
  2. Baydovskyy Sergei, 23 years old, an employee of trunk pipelines "Druzhba". He died from a gunshot wound to the lung February 20, 2014. He lived in Lutsk, loved the city, most of all he loved his native Ukraine. One of the last quotes on his page "VKontakte" Lev Lukyanenko words: "A nation that is not ready to send the children to death, would not survive ..." He died from a gunshot wound at the Independence Square in Kiev on February 20.
  3. Brezdenyuk Valery, 50, Zhmerynka, Ukrainian businessman ebru artist in the art (drawings on the water). Killed shot in the back, February 18, 2014
  4. Sergei Bondarchuk, 52, Starokostyantyniv Khmelnitsky region. chytel physics, chairman of the City of Starokostyantinivskiy (Khmelnitsky region) "Svoboda". February 20, 2014 in Kiev, died due to a gunshot wound inflicted by a sniper
  5. Sergey Bondarev, 32 years Kramatorska. Programmer. Died February 18 from 4-ball injuries during the first attack on the square. His wife Svetlana eight months pregnant.
  6. Vajda / Biden Bogdan, 58 years. Single. Recently, he lived with his mother in the village. Of flight Drogobytskyy area. Went on Kyiv on February 19. In the morning the next day, arrived in Kyiv, called sister "Honey, there is a real war, shoot ..." - then broke off the conversation. On the same day in the afternoon in the waiting room of the village council Letnyanskoyi phone rang. Reported the death of Bogdan, who was killed by a sniper bullet killer.
  7. Vasyltsov Vitali from the White Church. Married, 36 years old, shot and killed on the street. Big Zhitomir (?), father of two children. Has a photo an video
  8. Varenitsa Roman M., 35. With Yavoriv Region. February 20 shot dead on the street. Big Zhitomir.
  9. Vyacheslav Veremiy, a journalist of the newspaper "Vesti", 32 years. Titushky vystrelyly man in the chest. He died in the hospital the morning of February 19, 2014 due to loss of blood from the gunshot wound. Without father left 4-month son Vyacheslav. photo See #Vesti Journalist below.
  10. Voytovych Nazar, 17. Student-tretokursnyk College for Ternopil. Died February 20, 2014
  11. Golodniuk Ustym, 20, Zbraj city, Ternopil region. Volunteer of the Democratic Alliance. Died February 20 at the hotel "Ukraine" as a result of a gunshot wound to the head. photo (leather suit, thumbs up)
  12. John Horodnyuk, Berezne Rivne region: He died due to illness, which got on Square (February 19, John returned home from the square, because during the last storm "berkutivtsyamy" doused him with water from water cannons and beat. Turned to doctors started treatment. But at night the young man's heart broke and stopped photo - rifle, traditional dress
  13. Hrynevych Edward Volyn, 30. He was killed on February 20.
  14. Huryk Roman. 19 years. Student Prikarpatsky University, Department of Psychology. From Ivano-Frankivsk. February 19, 2014 Roman killed by sniper about 12:15. Clearly in high. (from above/on high?) photo
  15. Sergey Didych, 44, deputy district council Horodenka Ivano-Frankivsk from Svoboda, 44 years. Died February 18, 2014. photo
  16. Dvoryanets Antonina, 62-year-old resident of Brovarov. February 18 her body is found on the barricades located outside Institute, at the upper entrance to the subway "Khreschatyk".
  17. Dyhdalovych Andrew and Sokolniki villages (Lviv), 40. photo (looks militant)
  18. Dzyavulskyy Nicholas and Shepetovka 56 years. Teacher of Geography and Biology, a member of Svoboda. Instytutska shot on February 20 sniper. photo, smiling photo - tribute poster
  19. Dmitrov Games (Igor) of s.Kopanky Kalush district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Died February 20, 2014. He was only 30 years old. Within a few hours his hopelessly searched. 17:00 And about the 17 th hospital in Kyiv received information that Igor Dmitrov died.
  20. Anatoly Zhalovaha of m.Dublyany Lvivskoi region. , 33 years. Shot dead on 20 February.
  21. Anatoly pregnant (Zherebnyy) with Rudok , Lviv region. 28 years. Employee Vyshnyanskoho Agricultural College representative there the City Council. Died February 20, 2014 by a sniper bullet. 9f16461-zherebenyi.jpg (photo: militant protest vet - apparently Asiatic and chubby)
  22. Vladimir Zakharov , 57 years. IT specialist. He died in a fire at the office of the Party of Regions to Lipsky . According to some sources , the man choked with smoke bombs after he was beaten with bats , pieces of pipe and feet. According to others, shot pistol shot to the head.
  23. Zaikov James, 73, Zhytomyr. MP of Ukraine 1 (12) convocation, chief editor of " Voice of the citizen ." February 18, 2014 , died of a heart attack to escape the " Berkut " on the street . Instytutska . photo
  24. Alexander Kapinos , 29, activist "Svoboda " village Danube, Ternopil region . In 2012, survived 12 days without food in protest against the " language law ". During clashes in Hrushevskoho February 18 grenade hit him - said his friend Michael Zgar . - He struck an artery . Sasha was hospitalized , but he died in hospital
  25. Kemskyy Sergey , 33, from Kerch . He worked at the Institute for Political and economic risks and prospects for writing " Ukrayisnkoyi truth" article. Died February 20, 2014
  26. David Kipiani of Georgia. His body was found next to the barricade near TsUMa with two bullet wounds . He died in the " speedy ". Stayed yearling son
  27. Andrew Korczak with Stry , Lviv region. He died in the gap of the internal organs after beating February 18. According , Korczak He came from a family of former repressed (репресованих) (represovanykh) (prisoner?). He was unmarried. (link:
  28. Igor Kostenko , 22 , a student geographer from Lviv. Died February 20, 2014 .
  29. Kishchuk Vladimir Zaporozhye. Born in 1956 He died on February 18 in Kiev during clashes between protesters and " berkutivtsyamy ." Fractured head- neck area . Body found in house officers
  30. Eugene Kotlyar , 33 years old, from Kharkov. As written on Facebook Vladimir Chystylin , he is known in the " Green Front " on events in Gorky Park . He was killed on February 20. Володимир Чистилін (Facebook page) 373d94f-kotlyar.jpg (photo - kind of a "Goth" looking long-hair guy, "green," possibly considers himself "Pagan" (didn't read)
  31. Cremano John of Kremenchug. Died February 20 Instytutska .
  32. Kotsyuba Vitali from Lviv, 31. Born in the village Voroblyachyn Yavoriv Region . Died February 20, 2014 from a gunshot wound . He left a young wife and two kids.
  33. Kulchytsky Vladimir of Kyiv , 1949 The ball was on the flight to the heart, stuck in clothes. The second hit him in the stomach. old b/w photo
  34. Dmitry Maksimov. Died February 18, 2014 . Silver and bronze medalist in judo Deaflympics in Sofia. Yomuvidirvalo hand grenade . Boy died from blood loss at the House of Unions.
  35. Andrei Movchan , 34, Kyiv . He worked in theater . Frank lighter , a member of the Democratic Alliance . He died from a gunshot wound to the head Feb. 20, 2014
  36. Basil Moses . 21 years, activist Kivertsi city organization "Svoboda" Volyn region. Died February 20, 2014
  37. Vladimir Naumov from the village of Shevchenko , Donetsk region. March 9, 1970
  38. Opanasyuk Valery, Rivne. Born in 1971 . Rivne. He died on February 20 sniper bullets, leaving his wife a widow and four children - orphans. The youngest child - son - two years naystrashniy daughter - 12.
  39. Pahor Dmitry Khmelnitsky, 21. He died from a bullet to the head of the SBU in the walls of Khmelnytsky about eight pm, February 19, 2014 .
  40. Pawluk Vladimir Coloma , about '40
  41. Pankiv Nicholas, s.Lapayivka Lviv region. , 39 years old
  42. Parashchuk Yuri Talne , Cherkasy region , 1966 born In some lists the victims listed that he was a resident Talne , Cherkasy region. In others - that Kharkov. Member of "Svoboda ". Got a gunshot wound in his head of security forces during the retreat from the barricades in the street Instytutskiy February 20, 2014 .
  43. Pashalin Yuri from Cherkasy region , 1984 born Died February 20, 2014 in Kiev from 3 gunshot wounds in the back and pneumatic injury.
  44. Alexander Plekhanov , 22 years . He died on February 18.
  45. Leonid Polyansky , 38 years. He died on the Maidan. Relatives say he was a cheerful man and could not stand by lawlessness that takes place in Ukraine - and therefore went to Independence . He is survived by children from two marriages. In recent years he lived and worked in Kiev, but the funeral will take place in Zhmerynka where I came from .
  46. Prohorskyy Basil, 33 years. February 18 was on the square , and since then been released on bond, was missing from the list . From FB : " 02/18/14 after work in time 17 . Poehal to Independence . During the 19th time. Already on Communications not vыhodyl . Nochevat not pryshel . Utrom not at work vыshel . Friend naydenы neighborhood of Cathedral Myhaylovskoho ego jacket and phone. Went to today opoznanye - vыbytы zubы , all blue ..." Recognize the body of February 22, 2014 .
  47. Saienko Andrew Fastova (Kiev region) , born in 1962
  48. Serduk Igor, 40. From Kremenchug , Poltava region . A man with vystrelyly bleed in the face. "He was building a barricade , wearing bags. During this against him and other activists attacked titushky and" berkutivtsi . " Immediately been a fight , then someone shot games in focus in the face - said Sergey Polyuhovich , deputy head of the Kremenchug " Square "photo
  49. Smilenko Victor, born in 1961 Kirovohrad region, Bobrinetsky area s.Borysivka . Died February 20
  50. Smolynskyy Vitaly Umansky district,. Furmanivka . He died on 20 February.
  51. Solchanyk Bogdan , 29, from Lviv, historian, teacher of Ukrainian Catholic University. He worked at the Department of Modern History Ukraine UCF. Corroborated by a report from his funeral in Lviv.
  52. Tarasyuk John, Volyn region , town Olyka . Date of Birth - 28 January 1993. February 20, 2014 died on the Square from a gunshot wound .
  53. Igor Tkachuk , born in 1975 . A resident of Great Kolomiyskogo Kamenka district, Ivano- Frankivsk region. Killed by a sniper shot February 20, 2014 . Three orphaned children - 17, 11 and a few months. photo (flowers)
  54. Tochyn Roman , 44, m.Hodoriv Lviv region. He died on Independence February 20, 2014 . Stayed (survived by) wife and two daughters.
  55. John Blok (or Tour - is the name of his wife, but since it is also called) , 40. He lived in town , Lviv Oblast. Private . February 20, 2014 at Instytutska he was killed by a sniper bullet . Without a father and daughter were little son.
  56. Ushnevych Oleg Drogobich born in 1982 He died on 20 February. Spayperom shot on Instytutska at the October Palace . Born in Drogobych family workers NPK OAO "Galicia" Michael and Eugenia Ushnevych . Many oil workers activist was remembered at the funeral of his mother in 1985 : Eugene Ushnevych died in childbirth , birth Oleg brother. Then three years Oleg, realizing what had happened , pale and defenseless tulyvsya to his grandmother . On the Square in Kiev, Oleg Ushnevych was from day one. It is well known in Skole District , where after university teacher . In recent years, leaving to work abroad.
  57. Chmilenko Victor was born in 1961 of Kirovograd region. A farmer shot by a sniper . a farmer on the TV news
  58. Hrapachenko Alexander , 27, a theater director , Rivne. Killed by sniper bullets February 20, 2014
  59. Hurtsiya Zurab from Georgia 54 years old. Body found at barricade located outside Institute, at the upper entrance to the subway "Khreschatyk ". Lived in Kirovograd. He died of a heart attack.
  60. Chaplinsky Vladimir Obukhov . His wife works in a kindergarten in the family - 2 children. Son and had a daughter.
  61. Chernenko Andrew, 35. From Kyiv . Died February 19, 2014 . Without father remained 7 -month-old child ...
  62. Kinglet Alexander from the village. Kalinin, Kyiv region . He died at the October Palace .
  63. Sergei Shapoval born in 1969 of Kyiv . Found dead in the House of officers. 79c3219-shapoval.jpg (photo, cat lover)
  64. Schvets Victor, born October 8, 1957 , p. Gatnoe Sviatoshynskyi Kyiv Kyiv region. Around one in the morning of 18 February 19, received three gunshot wounds to the abdomen on the Maidan. Express took Viktor to the hospital, but he died on the way . No parent left the child .
  65. - Joseph Schilling , 61, of Drohobycha (Lviv region ). Together with his wife Anne gave birth to and raised two daughters who gave my grandfather and grandmother of four granddaughters . By profession - builder. Recent years have often traveled to Italy for work . His wife Anna works in Italy. On Kyiv traveled several times linger there for long. I live in a free, prosperous country - to grandchildren are not looking for happiness abroad. He died on February 20 headshots at the October Palace .
  66. - Shimko Maxim. 33 years , Vinnytsia. Died February 20, 2014 . The last record that people leave on their stoirntsi in "VKontakte" February 18 - " For Ukraine ! ! ! ! ! ! Anyone who can go to Kyiv !"
  67. -Shcherbaniuk Alexander, Chernivtsi, 46 years. uuchasnyk all electoral races , the head of the party primary " homeland ." Sniper vtsilyv he could about Chernivtsi tent " Motherland ", the press service of the regional branch of the party of the "Fatherland ." According to " Bukovinskoy truth" in Chernivtsi Alexander Shcherbaniuk working self-employed , engaged in construction , mainly performing plytochni work. (improved translate or sub-section needed) He left a wife , a sick mother and two children - a son who is studying in class 9 and 20 -year-old daughter. He was very active political activist . On the Square was initially intermittently. Photo: 4438b32-shcherbanyuk.jpg (sunglasses)

Dead police

  1. Bulitka Basil, Kyiv . 1986
  2. Dmitry Vlasenko , Crimea. 1982
  3. Vitaliy Goncharov , Crimea. Born in 1989
  4. MD Vladimir, Kyiv . Born in 1971
  5. Alexey Ivanenko , Kharkov. Born in 1977
  6. Peter Sawicki , Kyiv . Born in 1972
  7. Spichak Sergey , Berdyansk
  8. Teplyuk John Chernihiv. Born 1993
  9. Maxim Tretiak , Chernigov. Born 1993
  10. Fedyukin Andrew Crimea. Born in 1972
  11. Tsvigun Sergei, Zaporozhye. 1990 year of birth


  1. Загиблі Герої Майдану, Ukrayinska Pravda, February 21, 2014