List of MH17 airframe parts

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This page should contain a complete list of major MH17 airframe parts that can be identified in photographs.

The table should contain at least two colums

  • Photograph for identification
  • Data:
    • Name as given by us. Examples: "tail", "left wingtip", "flight deck" "left side rear door",
    • location on airframe
    • location on ground
    • notes and sources

The table should be split in two.

  • undamaged parts
  • Parts with shrapnel (or bullet) damage

Damaged parts

Only these sections are known to have any visible shrapnel damage.

Photo Description
MH17 left cockpit panel.jpg Left cockpit panel
Location: Petropalovka
Oval and irregular holes of 20-30 mm diameter, which some described as exit holes but apparently not (see here).
MH17 cockpit left side hole closeup.jpgMH17 puzzle EzraBraam.jpg
MH17 Cabin Left SIde.jpg Assembled left side of the cabin, Ibtimes, October 13, 2015.
MH17 gray-blue piece.jpg Angle of attack panel
Location: Petropalovka
Located on the left side of the cockpit, right next to to the blast hole in the area of the worst damage.
Pilot seat 3.jpg Pilot seat 2.jpg
Pilot seat source, another photo
MH17 flight deck.jpg Flight deck
Includes centre, and right cockpit panels and front lower fuselage.
Frame of left side windscreen with bullet holes is seen at bottom of photo.
MH17 window frame.jpg Cockpit center left window frame
Round "machine gun" like entry holes of about 15-20 mm diameter.
Part also seen on the left in this photo and at 9 seconds in this video.
MH17 cockpit right window frame.jpg MH17 cockpit right window frame bullet holes.png
MH17 Shrapnel ibtimes.jpg Entry holes
Location unknown.
MH17 cockpit roof section.jpg Cockpit roof section
Location: 8 km west of main crash site
MH17 roof section location by NYT.png MH17 small roof section.jpg Boeing 777 front station numbers.jpg MH17 Cockpit by Mudman.jpg
MH17 smaller roof section.jpg Smaller cockpit roof section
MH17 STA 287-298.jpg
MH17 engine pod.jpg Left side engine pod
Location: Petropavlivka, 48° 8′ 8.4″ N – 38° 32′ 14.4″ E
Photo: Engine lined up with cockpit windows
Boeing 777 engine cockpit lined up.jpg
MH17 engine cowling.jpg Left side engine cowling
Location: Petropavlivka
MH17 left engine nacelle top.jpg Left engine nacelle top
Location: Petropavlivka
Inlet cowling piece, with RR logo: 20:35 on the video -compare with RR Trent 800
MH17 left engine fan blade.jpg Left engine fan blade
Location: Petropavlivka
MH17 Petropavlovka.jpg
MH17 left wingtip.jpg Left wingtip
Wingtip damage.png
Scratches and tears in a straight line extending to the left side of the cockpit. Have been variously described as caused by rods from a rod warhead or bullets.
MH17 left flap.jpg Left wing flap
Quite high density of holes noted.
Source: Novaia Gazeta, Fig.9
Rectangular Hole MH17.jpg Location uncertain.Source: Southfront, Nov. 25, 2016

Not collected parts

Video shows parts not collected by the Dutch, including a door with damage

Undamaged parts

Photo Descripion
MH17 cockpit right side closeup.jpg Right side of cockpit
MH17 bulkhead assembled.jpg Bulkhead
Shrapnel hit fuselage behind bulkhead or flew perpendicular to the fuselage. The upper hole appeared after recovery.
MH17 bulkhead undamaged.jpg
MH17 windshield vipers.jpg Cockpit central window frame + lower panel
Holds windshield vipers. Seen in lower part of this photo.
MH17 flight deck.jpg
MH17 front landing gear.jpg Front lower fuselage + landing gear
Location: connected with flight deck
MH17 Forward Fuselage Roof.jpg Forward fuselage roof
MH17 right front door section.jpg Right front door section (Exit R2)
MH17 right front door section with people.jpg
MH17 door section in forest.jpg Right rear door section (Exit R3)
MH17 door section.jpg Right tail door section (Exit R4) - should connect directly to tail section. Sits next to -ia section.
MH17 exit L1 floor.jpg Left floor panel under Exit L1

Boeing 777 cockpit leftside.jpg
MH17 left side L1 door.jpg Left front door section (Exit L1)
MH17 left front door section.jpg Left front door section (Exit L2) + roof. Location: Petropolovka
MH17 Rod.jpg MH17 left front door section location.jpg

'Rods' seen here and on the right here,
embedded in, or holding, silverish-wrapped insulation.
Undamaged insulation for comparison.

MH17 forward left side panel.jpg Forward left side panel
Between STA529 and STA655, connects directly to Left front door section (Exit L2).
MH17 side panels checkpoint.jpg Left / right? fuselage side panels
Fuselage above wing
Maidan-24-July-fuselage-shrapnel-damage.jpg Side panel with holes
Shows secondary damage from colliding with flying debris.
MH17 ia roof section.jpg Left center roof section
MH17 roof section STA466.jpg Roof section STA466
Extends from STA358 to STA529 – from foremost doors (R1, L1) to front part of passenger compartment
MH17 cargo bay floor.png Front cargo bay floor
MH17 rear fuselage.jpg Front fuselage
Location: "wooded area more than a kilometre away from the main crash site"[1]
MH17 vertical stabilizer.jpg Vertical stabilizer
MH17 tailplane.jpg Tailplane
MH17 tail.jpg Tail



Wreckage displayed in Holland