Krasny Liman hospital massacre

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The channel LifeNews one of the guests said that all patients are hiding in the cellars of the hospital and plan to stay there until morning. According to him, the Ukrainian military hospital building specially fired.
"We left Krasny Liman and left the hospital of the locality in which the wounded. National Guard shot wounded Krasnolimansky hospital, not leaving a single person alive "- he said, referring to the commander of the armed forces of the DNI Igor Strelkov.
Alexander Boroday: "In the Red Liman has been heavy fighting. National Guard, taking part of the city, shot wounded Krasnolimansky hospital, not leaving a single man alive. Natsgvardiya trying to take control of Kharkov route to ensure its reinforcement approaches. Fight goes, but we are not afraid of defeat. We fear deaths of civilians.
The authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic have confirmed the execution of at least their 25 wounded soldiers by the junta's Nationalist Guard in the hospital in Krasny Liman, which was seized yesterday by the junta.
Moscow. June 4. INTERFAX.RU - Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk Pushilin Denis said about the murder of Ukrainian law enforcement bodies in the hospital in the Red Lyman more than 25 people.
"Indeed, we can now confirm the killing of the wounded in the hospital - they were killed more than 25 people. And this figure could rise. This blatant war crime, it is a genocide," - said Pushilin the TV channel " Russia-24 ".
"According to preliminary information, more than 25 people have been killed but we fear the toll might be higher," [Denis] Pushilin said. "Shooting at the sick and wounded is not even genocide. The immoral actions by Kiev's junta defy explanation."
  • Vadim Greenbird via Truth about situation in Ukraine on Facebook:
By unknown reason total number of killed in the town Krasny Liman, it is 25 person, were transformed by media to number of killed in the hospital. Real number of soldiers of Donetsk republic who where in hospital because of wounds is 7 people. They all were killed by thugs of Kiev junta. Also before in same day, 3rd June fascists killed 8 soldiers of republic and 10 peaceful citizen. Total number of killed at 3rd June is 25 persons. This number mentioned Denis Pushilin, speaker of Parliament of Donetsk republic in his interview to the media.
National guard/right sector entered Railroad Hospital Krasni Liman and shot dead 37 wounded Donbas Army soldiers and civilians and at least 1 hospital worker. Confirmed.
  • David Blair in Donetsk, the Telegraph - Ukraine must correct its chaotic response "Last Monday, eight people were killed by an explosion inside an occupied government building in Luhansk, ... One day later, a hospital was badly damaged when the army recaptured the town of Krasny Liman. The walls of the building were pockmarked with bullet holes and almost every window was blown out. At least one person is known to have been killed inside. Meanwhile, hardly a day goes by without mortar bombs exploding on or near civilian homes in rebel-held areas.

Via Mark Sleboda on Twitter: This is a description of what is going on in Slavyansk - and it is from a pro-Euromaidan/Putsch Ukr who lives there

Yesterday Krasnyi Liman was bombed. A guy I know had a shell land right in his living room, and his apartment was obliterated. In a residential apartment building. Krasnyi Liman has a really important railway station—the hospital at the railway station was bombed and a machinist was killed, a bunch of bystanders, the head doctor, and others. The National Guard tried to blame the separatists for it, but there have never been any separatist-terrorists in Krasnyi Liman—they are all in Sloviansk. I know a guy who works at the hospital—he said the Guard came into the hospital, searched for patients who had battle wounds, and shot them. Without any arrests, investigations, or anything. The National Guard did that. In Sviatohirsk there are cannons—those kind that can fire 15-20 kilometers—positioned on top of a hill pointing in the direction of Krasnyi Liman. They’ve been firing on Krasnyi Liman, and everybody there is living in basements, just like everyone in Sloviansk has been. Why did they do this to Krasnyi Liman? It’s a tourist town of 50,000 people where no terrorists have been stationed.