Killing of Oleg Abramov

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Oleg Abramov with cat
A body found at a massacre site with hands tied behind his back
Irina Abramova with body of Oleg in front of her house
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  • Witness. Bucha. (04/2022) - English subtitles - via RuCz Subs, April 5, 2022 (video)
    "They took off his sweatshirt, took him out on the street, forced him to his knees and shot him in the head. And I was interrogated for 3 hours."
  • Bucha killings: 'I wish they had killed me too' - BBC News
    Volodymyr Abramov was trying desperately to put out the fire in his home, in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, calling out for his son-in-law to help.
    Russian troops had smashed through the front gates of Volodymyr's home, opened fire at the house, and dragged Volodymyr, 72, his daughter Iryna, 48, and her husband Oleg, 40, out into the yard.
    The soldiers took Oleg out beyond the gate on to the pavement, Volodymyr said, and threw a grenade in through the front door of the house that exploded with a deafening bang and set the house on fire.
    Volodymyr grabbed a small fire extinguisher and tried in vain to extinguish the flames. "Where is Oleg? Oleg will help!" he shouted to his daughter.
    But the reply came from one of the Russian soldiers, he said.
    "Oleg will not help you any more."
    They found Oleg on the pavement outside the gate, and it was clear from the way he was lying that he had been forced to kneel and shot in the head at point blank range, Iryna said. He was a welder who lived a quiet life on the corner of Yablonska Street in Bucha, who was taken out of his home and killed.
  • Bucha residents describe litany of horror after Russian retreat - NBC News
    Because of sniper fire and Russian troops patrolling the streets, she was unable to collect Oleg's body for a month, she said, but it has now been taken away by Ukrainian authorities. She is hoping to retrieve it for a proper burial.
    Oleg’s blood still stained the pavement outside his home as his wife recounted his death.
  • Bucha Woman Says Russian Troops Killed Husband in Front of Her - Business Insider
    In a video interview shared by Ukraine's Ministry of Culture and in a separate interview with the BBC, Iryna Abramov, a Bucha resident, said Russian troops stormed her home on March 5 and dragged her husband, Oleg, into the street.
    "They didn't ask anything or say anything, they just killed him," she told the BBC. "They only told him to take off his shirt, kneel down, and they shot him."
    According to a translation of the interview posted to social media, Abramov said the Russian troops had first told them: "We are the liberators. We have come to liberate you."
  • “I saw how a Russian soldier killed my father”: the shocking testimonies of the survivors of the Bucha massacre - 24newsrecorder
    They found Oleg on the pavement outside the gate, and it was clear from the way he was lying down that he had been forced to his knees and shot in the head at close range, Iryna said.
    He was a welder living a quiet life on the corner of Yablonska Street in Bucha who was taken from his house and killed.
  • Husband killed, survivor in Bucha shows horror: They shot him in front of the house, I asked you to kill me too - IMAlbania
    “Their eyes were like ice,” she said, tears streaming down her face. “My husband was not a soldier. We told them we were civilians. But they were inhuman. “
    His husband’s body stood on the street for four weeks while the bloodstains are still visible.
    She wore her husband’s wedding ring around her neck.


  • Petri Krohn @PetriKrohn on Twitter, April 11, 2022
    Is this Oleg Abramov?
    Wife Irina Abramova claims he was killed on March 5, 2022, but the body does not look one month old.
    (Comparison of three photographs with screenshot from video of massacre victims)


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