Killing of Alexander Rzhavsky

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Who is Alexander Rzhavsky?


  • Oleg Tsarev on Telegram, April 1, 2022 18:58 UTC
    I spent more than a month mainly in settlements belonging to the regional centers near Kiev, Borodyanka and Ivankiv. Now the Russian army has left these settlements. I hope that everyone who started cooperating with us from local residents managed to leave Ukraine.
    The decision to relocate was made a long time ago, and many knew about it and were mentally prepared for it. But it still hurts.
    I repeat once again that from a military point of view, the decision to leave the Kyiv bridgehead is correct.
    I hope that now there will be an understanding of the seriousness of the situation. It seems to me that until now many people did not understand the seriousness of the situation.
  • Who is Olexander Rzhavsky and how did he die in Bucha - Clicker, April 9, 2022
    On March 27, 2022, Oleksandr Rzhavsky, who remained in his house in the city of Bucha, Kyiv region, was shot dead by a Russian occupier. This was told by the daughters of Oleksandr Rzhavsky Yulia and Alice.
    “But already on March 27, the irreparable happened. Russian scum entered the house and, at gunpoint, begged for a bottle of wine, they gave him alcohol (like food and phones earlier), so that he left and did not return. However, this Russian scum wanted not only to drink but also blood. He kept at gunpoint and my aunt, who ran to the aid of my dad, her younger brother, but it was too late, ”the post on Rzhavsky’s Facebook page says.
  • The official statement of the Rzhavskih family - Alexander Rzhavsky's account on Facebook, April 11, 2022
    On March 27, 2022, in the territory of the own yard in the city of Bucha, in front of the eyes of his wife and sister, Rzhavsky Alexander Mykolajovich was killed. He recently turned 63 years old.
    Drunk from his own impunity "Russian" soldier obírvav the life of a close to us man who all his life tried to protect us from all sorts of evil. But his energy was not enough for our family and therefore he tried to be as useful as possible for his Ukraine, which he loved infinitely.
  • Murder .Ukraine . Bucha. Alexander Rzhavsky - елена, April 11, 2022 (audio)
    RT has at its disposal a recording of a conversation between former Rada deputy Alexander Rzhavsky and the Russian military.
    The Ukrainian media, which called the politician "pro-Russian", wrote that the Russian military allegedly shot him in front of his family and children in the courtyard of his house in Bucha.
    On the recording, it is also heard that the Russian military on March 30, before leaving the city, offer the deputy to evacuate in order to avoid danger, since Kiev considers him a traitor.
    In response, he refuses, says that he will stay with his family and will be able to cope with the nationalists himself:
    "If fate, then fate. This should be treated philosophically. And look: Butch is in the grip. Who will go [to me]? Do you think some kind of quiet saboteur is sitting there and sharpening a knife?
    I do not accept all those tricks with violence against people who get up. I don't accept it at all. And for them [nationalists], this is the basis — violence against a person."
    Later, Rzhavsky was found dead, and the Russian troops were accused of his murder.
  • Questions arise about death of pro-Russian ex-MP in Bucha - RT, April 12, 2022 (mirror)
    A newly surfaced audio recording suggests the Russian military urged the political to evacuate, but he decided to stay in Kiev’s suburb
    The murder of a veteran Ukrainian politician, Alexander Rzhavsky, has a new twist after an audio recording suggesting Russian military urged him to evacuate surfaced on Monday. The ex-MP and presidential candidate Rzhavsky, known for his “pro-Russian” stance, was found dead in the northwestern Kiev suburb of Bucha shortly after the withdrawal of Russian forces from the area on March 30.
    The death of the politician was first publicized last week, with Ukrainian officials and media alike squarely blaming it on Russian forces. The Ukrainian account of events was corroborated by Rzhavsky’s family on Monday. In a statement posted on Facebook, the family of the late politician said he was slain by a “Russian serviceman” in Bucha on March 27. The ex-MP was “killed in his own yard before the eyes of his wife and his sister,” the statement claims.
    The audio recording obtained by RT, however, paints another picture. The politician has apparently been in close contact with the Russian military, which urged him to evacuate before the withdrawal from the outskirts of Kiev. In the recording, the politician can be heard saying that he was “heading home” to Bucha, prompting objections from another person, presumably a Russian officer.
    “Will you have any problems? Since our leadership is very concerned about your life after you have been with us,” Rzhavsky’s interlocutor can be heard saying.
  • Who Killed Oleksandr Rzhavsky? And Who Killed his Son, Dmitryo? Monitor on Massacre Marketing, May 22, 2022.
    Background and Political Views, A Murdered Son (2018, throat and wrists sliced, initially ruled suicide), His Final Weeks, Russian/Alternate Version (last Facebook posts, scant reports on activity, March 30 phone call and fateful decision to return to Bucha), Official Story, Family, Friction with "Facts" (family accounts of Rzhavsky's death on March 27, strangely delayed (1st faint work April 3, nothing clear until April 8) "Facts" editor Alexandr Shvets caught fabricating, falling out with family (Shvets: "We will not interview you. You guys don't deserve this. We will be interviewing those who are fighting with the enemy for our independence, our country, our children, our politicians, who do not tolerate the "Russian world" in its wild and brutal manifestations, which now terrorizes all civilized humanity.")

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