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The board of directors the Finnish chapter of Reporters Sans Frontières. Jessikka Aro on the left
Jessikka Aro sits on the Advisory Board of NATO's Troll Factory
The New York Times finds out that Jessikka Aro is actually a drug addict and a delusional bimbo

Jessikka Aro is Finland's leading attention magnet. For the last five years she has been leading a witch-hunt on dissent in Finland, labeling everyone who disagrees with NATO's encroachment of Finland as a Russian Troll. In reality she sits in the Advisory Board of what can only be describes as NATO's Troll Factory.

Hunting Russian Trolls

Bonnier Grand Prize for Journalism

Integrity Initiative

From the latest leaks on the British Integrity Initiative we can read this perfect definition of a "troll factory":

CASE STUDY: Safeguarding policies established for YouTuber network in Russia The Consortium established a robust safeguarding policy whilst establishing a network of YouTubers in Russia and Central Asia, who were creating content promoting media integrity and democratic values. This policy took measures to safeguard against Kremlin attack through actions including: supporting participants make and receive international payments without being registered as external sources of funding; managing their online profiles to reduce their exposure to cyber-attacks, trolling and abuse; connecting Youtubers with local pro-bono legal support; supporting them to develop editorial strategies to deliver key messages, whilst minimising risk of prosecution under ill-defined censorship laws, and carefully managing project communications to keep their involvement confidential.

Women of Courage awards

Drug conviction

MV trial