Irma Krat's flash drive

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For context, see Category:Donetsk police murder

Via Vladimir Suchan on FB:

Onur Aksoy wrote: Cyber Berkut has uploaded Irma Krat's ( a prominent figure within right sector, backed by Kiev) flashdrive -> 151MB
Found some very interesting pictures on Irma Crat's flashcard. Do you remember this scene Vladimir ?
This verified the reality of the video that you posted a few days ago ...

The URL leads to a download page with one file: fleshka_irmy_krat_22_aprelya.rar 151.88 MB


Screenshot from video allegedly found on Irma Krat's flash drive shows another cameraman filming a closeup shot of the murder. (See camera top center.) Matching video from the other camera, possibly a Canon PowerShot A1200, was allegedly uploaded to social media by a Pravy Sector account.
Alleged Pravy Sector video showing hand of a civilian cameraman, possibly woman, holding B-camera on murder scene. Video from this camera is included in the alleged flash drive archive.
Same hand?
  • Новая папка (New Folder) – Main folder
    • /А1
      Sniper traning pictures from December 2006, Canon EOD 30D exif data
    • /вв и беркут (Interior Ministry troops and Berkut)
      • /снайпинг1 (sniping 1)
        Sniper traning pictures from May 2005, Canon EOD 30D exif data
      • /Хоменко О.В (O.V. Khomenko)
        Word and Exel files
    • /від борисовича (from Borisovich)
      • delete_MVI_1799.MP4
        Encoded date: UTC 2014-04-22 20:37:53
        B-camera footage of alleged murder of Donetsk police officer.
        For frames, see Category:Donetsk police murder
        Matching video from A camera was allegedly uploaded by Pravy Sector to social media. A copy is here on VK.

Pravy Sector murder video

A peek of camera 1 on camera 2 footage. This could be a Canon PowerShot A1200. View seen on LCD corresponds to frame 1063 of Camera 1 footage.

Two cameras were filming at the scene. In both sets of footage a peek of the other cameraman or camera is seen in a few frames.

  1. Camera 1: Canon PowerShot A1200
  2. Camera 2: Video file on alleged flash drive