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@UNCoISyria on Twitter, 18 Sep 2017

We have a duty to document the unambiguously illegal use of prohibited #chemicalweapons in violation of #internationallaw #HRC36 #Syria

This graphic (minus the yellow and red labels) was shown.


24 incident/dates (31 incidents, some lumped).

  • perpetrator: Syrian Government (stated) = 15
  • perpetrator: Syrian Government (implied)= 2 (Ghouta, Khan al-Assal)
  • perpetrator: blank = 7
  • perpetrator: anyone rebel, even ISIS = 0

Paulo Pinheiro: 'We must continue to put Member States on notice regarding the crimes & violations the people of #Syria have endured' #HRC36 (same-day CoI tweet) Non-state actors are not the issue.

About their list:

  • 2012 attacks missing - several others missing - a better but still incomplete list up to early March, 2017 is here (CIWCL PDF)
  • In this even shorter span, and deliberately leaving off ISIS attacks, 138 reported incidents are tallied. 108 are attributed to Syrian forces, 1 to Russia, 27 attributed to opposition forces, and 2 events are clearly contested (with detailed stories, not general claims about "terrorists responsible"). 612 – 1,910 civilians were killed, 84 rebel fighters, at least 128-143 gov fighters. And most importantly, a total of 159 red flags, going towards the emergent picture in which ALL chemical incidents are the work of anti-government "terrorists."
  • All attacks by ISIS, usually with mustard gas and usually against Kurds, are left out here (as noted, left off the bigger list of 138 incidents).
  • Several attacks against Syrian forces are not included. But one (entry 1) is, implicitly blamed on the government.
  • 2015 chlorine attacks including Sarmin are not included. It's unclear if this is an oversight, or reflects some inability to pin them on the government.
  • Dec. 2016 alleged sarin attack by Russian forces near Uqrabiyat, Hama (ISIS-held) is left out. It was said nearly 100 people were killed. (Alleged Chemical Attack, December 12, 2016). Do civilians in ISIS territory not deserve protection? Are ISIS-linked claims not acceptable? If so, how can they draw such a clean line between Islamist claims they accept with no question and Islamist claims they doubt or ignore?

All 24 listed, chronological (their notes and ours, in progress)

  1. 3-19-2013 Khan Al-Assal, Aleppo. "chemical agents used bore same unique hallmarks as in Al-Ghouta" (see #5). So it was sarin, and apparently from Syrian military stocks, they say. ACLOS notes: SAA soldiers apparently targeted at their checkpoint - they and Shia civilians were killed, in this area recently re-taken from the rebels. Opposition eyewitness claims were a Syrian fighter jet, and then a Syrian SCUD missile, had accidentally delivered the unknown chemical. Russian tests showed sarin was used, an improvised sort, fired on a locally built rocket. Death toll: about 20, mostly adult civilians (parents and health workers). Dozens affected. Alleged chemical attack, March 19, 2013
  2. 3-19-2013 Ateibah, Damascus suburbs. "circumstances not specified" ACLOS notes: a regime rocket is blamed, releasing a black fluid with a foul smell. SOme fighters apparently affected, a displaced baby and three men of a likely Christian family (by name) were killed - samples said to test positive for sarin Alleged Chemical Attack in Damascus, March 19, 2013 See also What Happened on March 19, 2013? (abortive reports of a same-day regime CW attack in Homs as well)
  3. 4-13-2013 Sheikh Maqsoud, Aleppo "circumstances not specified" ACLOS notes: In Kurdish-majority district just taken over by Islamists - Al-Nusra hand grenade allegedly dropped from a regime helicopter, 4 women and children reported dead, later 10 men added, including a survivor/witness - samples said to test positive for sarin, but claims are confused Alleged Chemical Attack, April 13, 2013
  4. 4-29-2013 Saraqeb, Idlib "circumstances not specified" ACLOS notes: Al-Nusra hand grenade allegedly dropped from a helicopter, in a glowing cinderblock pouring white smoke, one woman killed, said to test for sarin ... Alleged Chemical Attack, April 29, 2013
  5. 8-21-2013 Al-Ghouta "sarin, well-planned indiscriminate attack targeting residential areas, causing mass casualties, perpetrators likely had access to Syrian military chemical weapons stockpile, and expertise and equipment to manipulate large amounts of chemical agent." ACLOS notes: Alleged Chemical Attack, August 21, 2013
  6. 4-11-2014 "witnesses saw helicopters drop barrel bombs," chlorine smell, realistic chlorine symptoms reported, dozens affected, two killed: a girl and an old man, both "displaced," both killed by head wounds from the chlorine bomb, not the chlorine. ACLOS notes: [[1]]
  7. 4-12/16/18-2014 Kafr Zita, Al-Tamanah: "circumstances same as in Kafr Zita" ACLOS notes: [[2]]
  8. 4-21-2014 Tl Minnis (Talmenes, Idlib) "circumstances same as in Kafr Zita" ACLOS notes: [[3]]
  9. 4-29-2014 Al-Tamana "circumstances same as in Kafr Zita" ACLOS notes: [[4]]
  10. 4-5-2016 "reliable information on use of chlorine gas, injuring 4 pesons, including 2 civilians. perpetrator: blank, so not government forces. ACLOS notes: on April 7 (same incident? our error?) Kurdish fighters were gassed by a rocket containing chlorine gas, with a reported 23 killed and dozens affected. Opposition faction Jaish Al-Islam admitted responsibility. Alleged Chemical Attack, April 7, 2016
  11. 8-1-2016 Saraqeb (we have 8-2) not mentioned: same day attack att. to Al-Zenki - chlorine, and perhaps hydrogen cyanide both used. 13 killed? Alleged Chemical Attack, August 2, 2016
  12. 9-6-2016
  13. 10-1-2016
  14. 12-8-2016
  15. 12-9-2016
  16. 12-10-2016
  17. 1-8-2017 Bseema, chlorine munition, 6+ civilians affected
  18. 1-30 Sultan al-Marj - "improvised chlorine payload" hit near front line, 11 men affected. perpetrator: Syrian Government
  19. 3-25 latamnah cave hospital - chlorine, helicopter (=SG blame), 3 killed, 32+ effected
  20. 3-29 Qaboun, chlorine?, by rockets - 35 effected (33 men, 1w, 2c)
  21. 3-30 Latamnah, chlor? 2 bombs dropped, 85+ eff, inc 12 male farmers, "2 of them minors" 9 medical personnel
  22. 4-4 Alleged Chemical Attack Khan Sheikhoun 4 April 2017
  23. 4-7 Al-Hayat Hospital, Aleppo: 2 men admitted there, claiming milder case of Qaboun symptoms
  24. 7-1/2/6 - chlorine used against Faylaq al-Rahman fighters - between the attacks, 46 suffered effects and none died.

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