Crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17/BUK Tracking

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Info on clouds types which should/should not be there; and tank track marks which should be there. Missing shadows discussed. (etc.)


One big lie of the Kiev junta and Washington concerning the "Russian" BUK alleged to have shot down MH 17 is busted by the very soldier who manned the battery seen in the photos used by Kiev and Washington.
A Ukrainian soldier who served till recently in the Ukrainian Army confirms that notorious tank with BUK missile No. 312, which was supposed to shoot down Malaysian Boeing MH 17 on July 17, belongs to the Ukrainian Army. The soldier who is identifying himself in the interview can confirm this because, at that time, he was serving actually on that very vehicle with this very BUK battery. He also explains how some of the pictures that appear to link this BUK with Lugansk were produced. BUK 312 was part of an air defense division, which, before the war, was deployed to Lugansk. When the conflict began, the unit was moved to Kramatorsk. When the battery was moved to a field, the vehicle caught on fire and almost blew up. That's why the vehicle was put on a trailer and was moved to Dniepropetrovsk.
The soldier also believes that it was the Ukrainian Army that shot down airliner MH 17.
He also speaks of a great rate of desertion from the Ukrainian Army.