Conquest of Soran, August, 2016

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This page is to cover events and accusations surrounding the Islamist rebel advance in Hama province at the end of August, 2016. Several towns and villages and connecting roads were taken in an operation launched August 29. The town of Soran (Souran, Arabic: سوران ), around 14 km north of the central city of Hama, was taken on the 31st. (Reuters, 8/31) This was followed by conflicting reports of many people killed.

Conquest Reports

  • SANA, August 31: "Units of the army, in cooperation with popular defense groups, confronted an attack by terrorist groups in the surroundings of Soran in Hama northern countryside, killing a number of them and destroying two tanks."
  • Paul Antonopoulos, Al Masdar News
    "Jund al-Aqsa and other terrorist Islamist groups have announced the third phase of their Hama offensive, making aim for the city of Souran," and captured "the Bridge checkpoint in between Taibat al-Imam and Souran." However, "the Tiger Forces have just recently been deployed to this volatile front and are yet to enter the battle.
  • Reuters: Soran "was taken "completely", the hardline jihadist rebel group Jund al-Aqsa said in an online statement." The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the reports, but said clashes and air strikes continued.
  • Syria Today ‏@todayinsyria Aug 31
    Latest from #Hama #SAA loses Souran, retreats to Tell Bizam, then Ma'an, fights ongoing
  • maytham ‏@maytham956 · Sep 1
    Reinforcements 4 z #SyrianArmy & its allies have reached south west #Hama countryside in order 2 prepare 4 a counter attack 2 re-take Souran
  • Video: Camera Syrian press center monitors the atmosphere of the town of Soran after liberation Published on Sep 1, 2016 by Syrian press center
  • The Revolution Syria ‏@news_syrianall1 · Aug 31
    A tour Inside the City of #Soran after the liberated from the #Assad_terrorism by the #FSA in northern Hama today
  • @Malcolmite Sept. 4:
    Rebels in Hama. Message to alawites "we will not harm any of you, we will protect women, children & elderly"


Convoys Attacked

Incendiary attack

Massacres by Rebels

Massacring 90 civilians and beheading the Muktar

Two captured soldiers killed by knife beheading:

The moderate FSA joined with another moderate gang called Jund al Aqsa to massacre 90 civilians in Hama countryside. After kidnapping two Syrian Arab Army soldiers, they beheaded them and shared their video with the world.
Jund al Aqsa means “al Aqsa soldiers,” however this country is Syria, not Occupied Palestine. We Syrians refuse such hideous crimes to be committed against even our enemy. Such crimes should bring the world’s attention to stop supporting these cannibals and bring them to The Hague court — along with those who back and sponsor them. Instead, the double standards of terrorism hypocrisy is permitted to continue; what was a black day for Brussels is five years of “Arab Spring” for us Syrians.

Beheading is often done along sectarian lines. These were quite likely Alawi (Alawite) soldiers from among those captured.