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Weiner says he had not had sex with Huma for a year.
Russian hackers put the emails on Weiner's laptop.
FBI investigates

There are at least three different sets of emails relating to Hillary Clinton that have been released to the public.

State Department emails

Released by the US State Department in connection into the investigation into Hillary's use of a private "Subterranean Email Server" at Scanned, indexed and hosted online by Wikileaks.

Hillary Clinton was accused of breaking secrecy laws by hosting confidential information on a insecure system. Many of the emails on the server were deleted by Clinton and Huma Abedin before or during the investigation.

DNC emails

Main article: DNC Leak‎

Hacked from the network of the Democratic National Congress by a hacker or hacker group calling itself Guccifer 2.0, after the Romanian hacker that first exposed the existence of the private server. Claimed to be Russian intelligence services.

Podesta emails

Contents of the gmail account of Hillary Clinton's campaign chief John Podesta. The account was cracked by amateur hackers after its non-secure password ("passw0rd") was guessed by online trolls.

Released in batches by Wikileaks.

Anthony Weiner's laptop

Main article: Huma Abedin, see also: US presidential elections#Hillary grabs pussy

A backup copy of something from Huma Abedin's computer. Said to contain 650,000 emails, 10,000 of which are in a folder named "Life insurance". Found by the FBI as part of investigation into Anthony Weiner's alleged sexting with a 15-year old girl.