Civilian convoy attacked between Kupiansk and Svatove

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On the tracks to Svatovo just beyond Kurylivka, East Kupiansk


October 1, 2022 the day after an attack on civilians fleeing Zaporizhzhia that killed 30. Reports surfaced in the western media blaming Russian forces for an attack on a civilian convoy some days earlier. Twenty six people, around half of them children, fleeing from Ukrainian held Kupiansk towards LPR lines are thought to have died.


Scene was on the tracks overlooking the body of water at the eastern end of Kurylivka


Ukrainian/ western accusations

"According to very preliminary information from law enforcement agencies, this trip was organized by a local carrier for a lot of money. One place, according to our data, cost about 6 thousand UAH. .. The column was shot from a machine gun, which was mounted on an armored personnel carrier. After that, in order to hide the traces of their crime, the Russians set fire to the remains of these cars," Sinegubov said on the 1+1 TV channel. (Automatic translation)
The last victim was found only a few days ago, the wounded woman tried to run away through the forest. According to a local, the woman used to work in a kindergarten and took care of children’s safety during the occupation.

Purported Survivor's testimony

Під час розстрілу колони під Куп'янськом Харківської області врятуватися змогли 7 людей, які 25 вересня хотіли евакуюватися якомога далі від обстрілів. Дехто з них нині — у Харкові в лікарні. Що, за словами тих, хто вижив 25 вересня, сталося — матеріал Суспільне Харків.]

Official investigations

"Parts of 30 and 45 mm highly explosive shells were found in the cars. Our French colleagues concluded that [these shells] are used with military guns mounted on heavy military vehicles, BMP-2 and BRM 3K Rys [Lynx]. These vehicles are in service with the Russian army.
In addition, metal remnants of shells were found in 16 civilian bodies they examined. [The French experts] identified these shells and the weapon from which they were fired... It looks like these were VOG-17 and VOG-25."


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