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May 9, 2014 shooting

  • Video of shooting on May 9, 2014. The claim made by operator on video, after 4:30 time-stamp, is that police was led out of the building, hands up, by pro-Ukrainians (cursed at on video). Possibly by army troops, recalling comments seen elsewhere. Blood is seen on the pavement around 4:05. Video shows damaged stormed building (around 4:50), bullet holes in cars, towards the end. Sound of apparent gunfire, throughout the recording. (Added May 2016, RS).
Report containing the video states that about 30 policemen refused to disperse May VDay celebration crowd (on May 9, 2014) , and were 'killed and burned'. States that total number of those perished is still not known. Report is attributed to an unnamed 'resident of Mariupol'.

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