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...and present events in Syria

...and Lebanon

  • Netanyahu, September 1, 2019
    "I have directed that we be prepared for any scenario. We will decide on the next steps pending developments. At this time I have an important announcement: We have no casualties – not even a scratch."

There were photos and videos posted on social media of soldiers evacuated; it is said that those were either staged, or not reflecting an acute medical necessity.

  • Lebanon TV releases new images of Hezbollah’s attack on Israeli forces - Press TV, September 2, 2019
    A video shows an attack with anti-tank missile on a moving vehicle, with either a close-by or a successful hit. It is claimed that this is Israeli armored vehicle "Wolf". At this time it is unclear whether the video genuinely shows what it's claimed to show. Even if so, it appears that those inside the vehicle survived, in view of the PM announcement; or else, it will cause a different response.
  • Hezbollah-affiliated TV station shows Sunday's strike on Israel - JPost, September 2, 2019
    Reports from Lebanon have claimed that there have been Israeli casualties resulting in the strike, which Israel strongly denied.
    Hezbollah passed on a message to Jerusalem shortly after its attack along the northern border, and Israel's response, that from its point of view the incident was over, a senior defense official said on Monday.
    According to the official, the message was passed along to Israel via officials from three separate countries, and came from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and Lebanese Prime Minister Said Hariri. According to the official, Israel “achieved its goals.”

National Unity governments in Israel

  • 1967, Six-Day War. (Wikipedia).
  • 1984, stalled elections (Wikipedia).
  • September 2019, proposed by Avigdor "Kingmaker" Lieberman, in the background of stalled elections