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Feeding Fish!


Look up to the right (from him) - a person turns to the future or thinks up - visually.(Visual design).
Look just up or to the left of it - a man in the past, recalls some of his pictures (visual images). (Visual memory, visual recall). Looking horizontally to the right - looking to the future or creating - auditory (auditory) design.
Defocused look forward - most likely, Trans.
A horizontal look to the left is a person in the past, auditory memories (Audial Memory).
A look just down or right down is an experience, a representation of kinesthetic sensations (Kinesthetic).
Look down to the left - an inner monologue or dialogue (the person talks to himself) and speech control (the person carefully chooses words in communication) (the Audial digital process, internal monologue).
Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi has introduced the Keeping Russian Entanglements Minimal and Limiting Intelligence Networks (KREMLIN) Act

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