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Chechnya -wiki

Pre-Russian Conquest (1860)

War towers, pre-Russian conquest (1860), protecting mostly against tribal warfare between Chechen 'tapes' (tribes), as well as foreign invasions.

Chechen War Dance and Zikhr

What is seen here appears to be a blend of a traditional, warfare-based, Chechen dance, and Sufi/Islamic meditative singing

Deportation (1944) and return (after 1957).

Chechen and Ingush deportation to the Soviet Middle Asian republics was ordered by Stalin, on the grounds of collaboration with the Germans. Chechen-Ingush autonomous republic of the USSR was disbanded. Allowed to return under Khrushev after 1957, autonomous republic re-established with somewhat different borders.


Groznyi, March 1995
More photos


Groznyi, 2016

Chechen military police go to Syria?

Chechen military police go to Syria? (Click for more info).

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