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Chechnya -wiki

Pre-Russian Conquest (1860)

War towers, pre-Russian conquest (1860), protecting mostly against tribal warfare between Chechen 'tapes' (tribes), as well as foreign invasions.

Chechen War Dance and Zikhr

What is seen here appears to be a blend of a traditional, warfare-based, Chechen dance, and Sufi/Islamic meditative singing

Deportation (1944) and return (after 1957).

Chechen and Ingush deportation to the Soviet Middle Asian republics was ordered by Stalin, on the grounds of collaboration with the Germans. Chechen-Ingush autonomous republic of the USSR was disbanded. Allowed to return under Khrushev after 1957, autonomous republic re-established with somewhat different borders.


Groznyi, March 1995
More photos

Groznyi oil refinery

  • Some history, photos, etc. Groznyi oil refinery survived the first Russian-Chechen war, 1994-1996, destroyed for scrap income, both by federal forces and the rebels in 2000, during the second war (1999-2009)


Groznyi, 2016

Chechen military police go to Syria?

Chechen military police go to Syria? (Click for more info).


Kadyrov interview with Naila Asker-Zade, Russia TV1, November 26, 2017

  • Kadyrov is sure that those Chechens charged in Nemtsov murder are innocent of the crime they are accused of -TASS, Komsomolskaya Pravda (text), or around 14:40 on Russia TV video above.
  • In a curious end of the interview, he was asked about whether he thought of leaving. Interview question appeared deliberate, not improvised on the spot. He answered, "It can be said, this is my dream. To be the leader of the region and bear responsibility for the people, for the republic before the Almighty, for the leadership of the state, and for the people is very difficult ", and that a different sort of person may be needed and there are some people who can do the job (without any details on who are those), but that he is prepared to serve, and that this is the decision of the Russian leadership and people (of Chechnya). Later, Peskov stressed the part of the answer indicating support of Putin and being prepared to serve further. Most of the interview was about presenting achievements of the republic, that includes large construction projects, potential for supplying warriors, and progress in agriculture; it was also mentioned that he is (respected by supporters) and feared by enemies. In that background, it appears to be some sort of dance, in case if some forces wish him replaced, indicating that he is prepared to step down, but not really a strong drive to do so. Similar dance was happening before his reelection in 2016. In the ideal world, it may be wonderful, theoretically, to have a different person leading in some modified and hopefully better (for all) direction; but for that (1) such person has to be respected and strong enough to lead in the realities of Chechnya, and so it must be an already established and respected person (2) there has to be an outline of some different direction; so far he is faithfully developing economic areas which the federal center wants him to develop, and this is more about federal policies than a leader in Chechnya. Regarding (1), it is unclear who that may be; in the last elections in 2016 he was running against 3 other candidates, and received some 98% of the vote with 95% participation rate (by the official data); it was not known that there is some other candidate wishing to run but somehow staying on sidelines; so it appears that available other persons likely belong to his own circle. Regarding (2), this is something to be sorted out in Moscow, and his statement was noted, but is unlikely to make a huge difference (either way). --Resup (talk) 12:47, 27 November 2017 (UTC)


Amirs of Imarat Kavkaz

Ichkeria presidents

1. Dzhokhar Dudayev 2.Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev 3. Aslan Maskhadov 4. Abdul-Halim Sadulayev 5. Doku_Umarov, first Amir.

Amirs of Imarat Kavkaz (Emirs of Caucuses Emirate)

1. Doku Umarov 2. Aliaskhab Kebekov 3. Magomed Suleimanov 4. Either Magomed Abdulaev or Zalim Shebzukhov 5. (after 17 Aug. 2015)-unknown

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