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The keyring next to a massacre victim suggests the people were killed right next to their houses.
Western map of the Kiev area at the end of April 1, based on Ukrainian sources. Ukrainian forces entered Ivankiv and Borodyanka without a fight on April 1.The map claims Gostomel and Bucha were still in Russian hands. There is no road or bridge between Ivankiv and the Dniepr. Russians must thus have left Bucha before they left Ivankiv.
Possibly executed people in front of the Idilika Home gated residential complex
How Western media reports the massacre
Oleg Abramov‎ was one of the people killed
Two Russian soldiers killed in Bucha on February 27, 2022 and passed on by Ukrainian officials and Wikipedia as "Bucha civilians massacred by Russian soldiers"
Civilian car in Bucha with "V" sign


Idilika Home - продаж таунхаусів в Бучі on Yabluska Street in Bucha, northwest of Kiev.


  • ~67 defenders of Ukraine buried in a mass grave at a churchyard on March 12. This may include civilian "Volkssturm", who were handed out weapons.
  • ~10 suspected collaborators executed at a location that may have been responsible for distributing humanitarian aid.
  • ~5 suspected collaborators executed in the cellar of the Promenystyy" children's resort
  • ~20 civilians killed by shelling on Yabluska Street with bodies not recovered until April 2nd. NYT investigation says the bodies appeared on satellite images around March 11th and March 19th.
  • 2 likely execution victims planted on Yabluska Street among the shelling victims. The two men may have been executed on site or the bodies moved there.
  • Two women give video testimony that their husbands were executed in a cleansing operation. On the Ukrainian videos the men were executed by "Russians", but other evidence says the cleansing operation happened after the Russians had left.
  • Alexander Rzhavsky, killed outside his home,

Ukrainian claims include "410 victims" and "Russians executed all men between the ages of 16 and 60". No bodies or other proof has been presented for these numbers.

Distantly related, in Motyzhin, 20 km southwest from Bucha:

Mass graves

  • no one @antiwar_soldier on Twitter, April 10, 2022
    Here is the interview of the Kiev region police Andrey Nebitov, who on 9 of April tells that there 40 bodies in this grave.
    2 of them soldiers, other civilians.
    When asked about the burial place of other 300 bodies he is clearly confused.


Russian forces left Bucha on March 30. (See Russian MoD statement.) Ukrainians officially entered the area on April 2.

Tweets and news


  • Russian military shoots at a man in Bucha - video from a drone - Суспільне Новини, April 5, 2022 (Azov drone video from March 3, 2022)
  • Civil defenders of Ukraine were buried in a mass grave in Bucha - March 12, 2022
    Gleb Bazov @gbazov on Twitter, April 6, 2022 This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules.
    BUCHA⁠—An excellent investigation performed by @sifis21. Video, dating to March 12, 2022, originally posted here, then reposted here.
    The video is a recording of a mass burial of "civilian defenders" of Bucha.
  • Bucha - cleansing of the city from the occupiers by special forces of the National Police (Буча - зачистка міста від окупантів спецпризначенцями Національної поліції) - Українська правда, April 3, 2022
    On April 2, in the liberated city of Bucha, Kyiv Oblast, special units of the National Police of Ukraine began clearing the area of ​​saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops. Specialists of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service inspect the places of war crimes of the Russian Federation and seize explosive devices and ammunition that have not detonated. Law enforcement officers inspect every yard and shelter, communicate with people and provide assistance to local residents. Citizens who had to endure the horrors of the occupation are helping the police as much as possible. The police are doing everything possible to restore law and order in the liberated territories so that local residents can return to their hometown as soon as possible.
    (No bodies seen on video.)
  • Defence of Ukraine @DefenceU on Twitter, April 3, 2022, 12:44 AM
    New Srebrenica. The Ukrainian city of Bucha was in the hands of 🇷🇺 animals for several weeks. *Local civillians were being executed arbitrarily*, some with hands tied behind their backs, their bodies scattered in the streets of the city.
  • Ukraine: civilians lie dead in the street as Russian forces retreat from Bucha - Guardian News, April 3, 2022
    The dead bodies of civilians still lie in the streets of Bucha after Russian troops retreated after a month-long occupation.
  • Russians With Attitude @RWApodcast - April 3, 2022
    Lat night, Sergey "Boatsman" Korotkikh, infamous Neo-Nazi & member of Azov, posted a video titled "The BOATSMAN BOYS in Bucha". At the 6 second mark you can clearly hear the dialogue:
    "There are guys without blue armbands, can I shoot them?"
    "Fuck yeah"
  • Paul Ronzheimer @ronzheimer on Twitter, April 3, 2022, 14:35 UTC
    We went together with Wladimir @Klitschko and Vitali inside Bucha today. Behind him dead bodys. Pure horror. „Its a genocide“, Klitschko said.
    (The bodies are still seen in front of Idilika Home.)
  • Paul Ronzheimer @ronzheimer on Twitter, April 4, 2022, 20:55 UTC
    In Bucha you can see the war crimes on every corner. Our report for @BILD
    (Video shows two cars on a road with three dead civilians still inside, five days after Russians left.)
  • The bodies of people are removed and buried from the streets of Bucha - Суспільне Новини, April 4, 2022
    "15 bodies were on Yablunska Street, with their hands tied and shot in the head, they were taken away today," said the head of the ritual service in Bucha, who managed to organize the burial of people during the occupation. After the liberation, the city was destroyed and its streets covered with the bodies of the dead. As of April 4, more than 300 people were buried.
    Same cleanup crew seen in the Irina Abramova witness video
  • 'They Killed People Systematically': Bucha Residents Allege War Crimes By Expelled Russian Forces - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, April 4, 2022
    Witnesses claim most victims on Yabluska Street were killed by unseen snipers. They also seem to know that the snipers were "Russians".

Western officials

  • Euractiv, April 4, 2022
    A statement by the Russian embassy in Germany, that claimed that the reports over the massacre in Bucha were staged by the Ukrainian government, led to widespread outrage in Berlin.
    “Spare us your inhuman lies,” Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, chairwoman of the defence committee of the Bundestag tweeted yesterday, in response to the embassy’s statement.
    “The day will come when Putin and his henchmen, including you, will have to answer for these cruel and massive war crimes in The Hague,” she said on Sunday, adding that “you should be expelled.”

Western media

Western NGOs

Russian media

Russian, Belarus officials

Lukashenko claims that Belarus services has intercepts showing role of Western intelligence (details not provided). Putin mentions seeing those documents. -- Lukashenko and Putin joint press conference, April 12, 2022


See also Killing of Oleg Abramov


A fléchette found embedded in the body of man killed in Bucha
A fléchette used by Ukrainian forces in Donbass in 2015

Killing the peace process


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