Bombing of Kerch Bridge

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An explosion with a truck on the Crimean Bridge partly destroyed the bridge. Three spans on the westward leading road bridge have collapsed (photo 1, 2; videos 1, 2) The explosion also caused seven cars of tanker train to catch fire. The eastward leading road bridge is intact (is this seeking for the last red line? Is this a prelude to a major Ukrainian attack in the south?)

There is little doubt, and partial confirmation by Ukrainian and Western sources that Ukraine is behind. Some Russian sources accuse British SAS of involvement, and suspect Western assistance or backing in general. Explosion was well-timed, with a fuel train stuck on the tracks right there. Nothing looked suspicious in the truck as it was briefly inspected. Believed to be Russian driver (with some Tatar roots} was probably unaware, having received an internet order to deliver fertilizers (in another report, a truckload of film). His relative owned the truck, but said it was sold and not re-registered. No connection to nationalist causes was implicated. Delivery scheme of the film claimed by Kots/KP

There was a small water wave towards/under the bridge, seconds before explosion. It is unclear whether it's relevant (waves at sea happen). Yet it's aiding alternative theories, some featuring an undersea drone (and promoted by BBC). There is quite intensive charring on top of the car bridge, which disfavors under-bridge theories; yet the blow appears to go somewhat sideways, and enveloping the structures.

The Crimean authorities have announced that they are preparing to launch a ferry across the Kerch Strait". By the evening, the bridge was reopened for train and limited car traffic.

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