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Batmobile – (Not to be confused with Ratmobile)

Batman: born 1969. Served in special MoI forces of the USSR, retired, than served as a cop (eventually for Ukraine). Fighting for Novorossia since April.


Cassad TV video, published 3 January. Date of filming-unclear. Said to be the first part; not clear whether further part exists.

In the video, Batman:

  • (1:15)Talks about difference of opinions with MoD of LPR. In his view, they are weakening the front line. (While, as he explains later at 9:20, Ukrainian side has more troops on the contact line than needed for defense, and so an offense is likely). MoD leadership was unhappy with his criticism, and initiated an investigation, by ministry of state security, to find some compromising material. He says, please come and investigate, there is nothing for him to hide as he did nothing wrong.
  • (2:50) He was saying 'inconvenient ' truths and MoD leadership made an attempt to relieve him from his post; he says 'get rid of me', than backtracks, relieve of duty. Says he does not care, as he did not fight for a position or promotions, and took weapons to defend his land.
  • (10:30) Repeats that because of his open criticism, leadership of peoples militia attempted to relieve him of his duties. He is 'inconvenient', as he is 'constantly telling the truth,' as he is passionate for the cause of his town, and his republic.
  • (5:30) Talks about dire humanitarian situation in small towns/villages away from Luhansk. "The week before last" he delivered (or as he says shared), humanitarian aid to Irmino (aka Teplogorsk) , near Stakhanov. 80 % of inhabitants are elderly and do not have pnesions/support. He brought there 3 tons of cereal, flour, and other food. They had '3 days or less of supplies left' and were 'on borderline to hunger situation'. He also delivered 10 tons of warm clothes, and gave everything to people in need. Also delivered school supplies. Says that their deliveries are documented (signed by reps or video documented).