Attack on Dobropillia vegetable market

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It has become clear why for so long Putin’s TV channels and newspapers kept spinning misinformation that the ATO forces were allegedly constantly using BM-21 “Grad” multiple rocket launchers (MLRs) in the theater of operation–given that no MRLs were seen in the possession of security forces in the ATO area.
Today, a group of terrorists–mercenaries from the Caucasus and local insurgents–fired at a vegetable storage base in the city of Dobropillya [Donetsk Oblast] with the BM-21. Terrorists had a total of three such MLRs at their disposal. At the same time, terrorists disguised themselves as the National Guard.
There are no limits to both the Kremlin’s cynicism–who continues to plan and conduct these cynical operations–and the local scum from the “DPR” and “LPR” [Donetsk, and Luhansk, People’s Republics] who obediently fulfill Putin’s will. After all, if [we] don’t take urgent actions, tomorrow, instead of a vegetable storage facility, anything could be [fired at].
Here are some photos of the destroyed GRAD taken from this site.
Note the logo on the door:
Now first: these are not machines that can be operated by local boys who want to join the militia.
Second: since when does a regiment rent out its equipment to local separatists?
Third: the logo of the 18th Motorized Rifle Brigade is on it.
Note how the logos are the same as on the GRAD.
These logos do NOT appear on every average Russian military truck that is send to Ukraine:
Note how the camouflage colors of the 18th are EXACTLY THE SAME as the GRAD that was found.
Fourth: we already know there are Chechens, Cossacks, Ossetians and many other Russians fighting in East-Ukraine, we know the commander of them all is the Russian Strelkov.
A RUSSIAN UNIT was involved in firing these GRADs.