Alleged poisoning of Alexei Navalny/Toxicology

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Supplement to: Steindl D, Boehmerle W, Körner R, et al. Novichok nerve agent poisoning. Lancet 2020; published online Dec 22. S0140-6736(20)32644-1.

Substance Urine Blood
Fentanyl positive positive
Sufentanil positive positive
Morphine positive negative
Ofloxacin positive negative
Levofloxacin positive positive
Atropine positive negative
Gabapentin positive negative
Urapidil positive negative
Amantadine positive negative
Pilocarpine positive negative
Lithium not performed positive
Rocuronium positive negative
Alcohol not performed negative
Diazepam negative positive
Nordazepam positive positive
Oxazepam positive negative
Temazepam positive positive
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate negative not performed
Pentobarbital negative positive
Thiopental negative positive
Appendix S2: Results of local toxicology and medication tests in blood and urine

samples obtained on arrival of the patient at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (day 3).

A hair sample obtained on day 4 confirmed the presence of several of the compounds detected in blood and urine and, in addition, revealed the presence of Tropicamide. Results of toxicology analyses conducted in a special laboratory of the armed forces

are not included.