Alleged al-Nusra Chemical Attack, April 2014

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‏@Syrianonymous: #BREAKING: #FSA uses #chemcialweapons on #SAA near #Golan heights. Casualties reported. #US #Obama #Putin #CW #UN

Via Mimi Al Laham on Facebook

BOMBSHELL: Video evidence that ALQaeda used Chemical Weapons on Syrian Soldiers! No wounds on the body, but blackened contorted suffocated faces with gas masks close by in a last ditch attempt to survive the suffocation. From this Its obvious they had the capability and the will to use the gas on ghouta and now again on Syrian soldiers.

Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists walk around what looks like a former Syrian Army position. Dead soldiers can be seen but curiously no obvious evidence of conventional war wounds., Some blackened faces and some bodies lying next to ....gas masks.
Is this the smoking gun that the terrorists are using Sarin?

Mimi Al Laham's (SyrianGirl) analysis:

Vladimir Suchan on Facebook:

More details on the evident chemical attack by Al Qaeda (Nusra): the attack took place on April 25 close to the Jordanian border near Daara. Having checked with a physician, the dead Syrian Army soldiers appear to have evidently died of asphyxia, which is also what the victims of Sarin would die of. The gas attacks nerves as a result of which breathing becomes impossible. From the video of the aftermath made by al Nusra, the area that was attacked appears to be significant: at least 500m x 500m, but most likely even larger. The means of delivery appears to be either heavy artillery or rockets. The physical signs of the victims (violet-blackish faces) are similar to the UN-confirmed use of Sarin in the East Ghouta near Damascus on August 21, 2013, staged as a false flag attack by the same al Nusra. Nevertheless, it is also possible that some other asphyxiate was used. In fact, the signs of the victims do match usual signature of a mustard gas.



Location of attack is Army Brigade 61 base on Tal-al-Jabiyah in the Horan Plain 3 km northwest of Nawa, 9 km from the nearest point in the UNDOF zone on the Golan.