Alleged Market Attacks in Syria

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There have been many, many attacks on public markets (especially farmer's/vegetable markets) during the course of the conflict in Syria. Almost universally, these are reported by opposition sources, in rebel-held areas, and clearly blamed on Syrian or Russian military attacks, especially from aircraft. These have claimed thousands of lives total, almost totally being the lives of men and adult boys. However, a closer look at the evidence usually fails to support, and often challenges, the opposition's claims.

The most detailed ACLOS examination so far is Douma Market Attack, August 2015, a study that yielded several strong pointers to that being a rebel-launched false-flag rocket attack to cover for a previous massacre of gender-segregated captives.. It's not clear how much light that sheds on other such attacks, but it's at least worth considering.

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Maarat al-Nouman market attack 19 April 2016

Primary Sources

Syria: 61 civilians killed in regime airstrikes, Anadolu agency (state-run, Turkey), April 19, 2016. Report includes immediate aftermath video, as well as photos. No crater is seen. Appears to be the first report on the matter. another version lower resolution but stabilized

Another video shows aftermath at a later time, and hears from two civil defense (White Helmets) workers, published April 19, 2016. General footage of damage damage and a severed human foot (no blood)

SOHR claim, with little detail, appeared Apr. 19, 2016

More photos, --and doubts raised, Rusvesna (Rus.), Apr. 21, 2016