Alleged Israeli involvement in Yemen

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Reports, allegations, speculation

Israël was the first state to recognîse Somaliland. Currently, this state is no longer recognised by anyone, but since 2010, it acts as an Israeli base to control the Bab el-Mandeb Straits which link the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

Area of confrontation with Iran

Zilberman referred to Iraq and Yemen as Iran’s second circle after Lebanon and Syria, considered the first circle in its proxy conflict with Israel, and said that Israel has been monitoring the situation in both countries closely.

Al-Hafa base explosion

Noted: the article provides a link for the 'Iranian experts,' which is a year old article on a Hadi government spokesman alleging that a Saudi air strike had killed Iranian officials and officers. Currently, it is not clear that there is any evidence that Iranian 'experts' were present and died at Al-Hafa. The claims made about the incident by Saudi media, which were picked up and repeated by other sources like the JPost below, are not substantiated.
The IDF has been attacking regularly inside Syrian territory over the past decade, so Syria is the most logical possibility. And since Israel rarely accepts responsibilities for those overnight attacks on Iranian weapons and ammunition depots or convoys headed to Lebanon with new rockets for Hezbollah, Kochavi chose not to name the country this time either.
IDF Chief of Staff was probably referring to strikes against Hezbollah in Syria rather than IDF targeting installations in Yemen. Despite mutually hostile public statements, neither the NSG or Israelis have claimed this as an Israeli attack.

Engagement with UAE and STC in South Yemen

As early as July, it was also reported by the Yemen Press Agency that a number of Egyptian and Emirati military experts had started to arrive on the island of Mayyun off the western Yemeni coast to arrange for an Israeli military base to be established.

"Normalization" with Saudi Arabia