Alleged Chemical Attacks in Aleppo, November and December, 2016

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In a report of February 13, 2017, Human Rights Watch outlined a case for "Coordinated Chemical Attacks on Aleppo," a supposed campaign of chlorine attacks in rebel-held east Aleppo during the government's re-conquest over November and December of 2016. From November 18 to December 9, a total of eight confirmed incidents are analyzed, with 9 confirmed fatalities and 7 others reported. This page will address the report, those incidents, and other alleged chemical attacks in Aleppo during the same time-frame.

From the report, with minor notes added, a table of all 8 verified incidents:

Incidents in HRW report
Date/time District Civilian casualties Evidence
November 18,morning Masaken Hanano/Ard al-Hamra More than a dozen injured Yellow cylinder, odor, symptoms, yellow-green smoke.
November 20, early morning al-Sakhour 6 killed (incl. 4 children), 25 injured Yellow cylinder, odor, symptoms.
November 20, afternoon Tariq al-Bab At least 1 injured Yellow cylinder, odor, symptoms, yellow-green smoke.
November 22, afternoon Karm al-Qaterji, Daheert Awwad, Karm al-Jazmati Possibly 15 injured Yellow-green smoke, odor.
November 23, evening Karm al-Jazmati 1 killed, 10-13 injured Odor, symptoms
November 28, afternoon Karm al-Qaterji, Qadi Askar More than 40 injured (2 rep. killed, unverified) Yellow cylinder, yellow-green smoke, odor, symptoms
December 8, afternoon al-Fardous, al-Maghayer, Kallaseh 2 killed, more than 70 injured Yellow cylinder, yellow-green smoke, odor, symptoms.
December 9, evening Kallaseh At least 50 injured (rep. 5 dead, unverified) Odor, symptoms, possibly yellow cylinder.