Alleged Chemical Attack Khan Sheikhoun 4 April 2017/Victims

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Victims seen at White Helmets cave complex

April 3rd chlorine victims

Zombie riders

Flower sisters

Two sister in matching tracksuits, possible their little brother and one or two older sisters are first seen at the Khan Sheikhoun water hosing scene and then take a strange zombie ride to the Maarrat al-Nu'man hospital.

Children loaded onto van

A large number of children are loaded into the baggage space of a white helmets passenger van with two rows of seats at the end of the SMART media video. The St. George boy and the girl with the striped sweater are later seen on a pickup truck.

St. George boy

Loaded into a van at the water hosing scene, later seen under trees in Khan Sheikhoun.

Football boy

Follows same route as St. George boy.

Men in white underwear

Seen offloaded from a van on the second of the two Assi Press videos. One of the three men is later seen with St. George boy, Football boy and two boys with head wounds at the street morgue.

Dead children in pile

Girl in green

Baby in blanket

First seen in Orient News video around 9 am.

Baby in blue sheet

Adidas boy

First seen around 10 am arriving to the Maarrat al-Nu'man hospital in one ambulance, taken inside, and then carried to another ambulance. Later seen in a pile of bodies at the White Helmets compound.

Bloody boy

People in morgue

Woman in green scarf

Men in motorcycle garage


Chlorine victims

Victims with head wounds

Verbal Accounts and Records

(to fill in - suggested: Yousef family, gassed in a basement family, gassed in a cave family, VDC records, etc. ... what's said about them, as opposed to what we can see)