Alleged Chemical Attack Khan Sheikhoun 4 April 2017/Location

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White Helmets cave hospital

Whora Hora location.jpg

Bomb blasts

CW Khan Sheikhoun 2017 plumes view.png Khan Sheikhun chemical rightmost fume geolocation.jpg

Alleged CW crater

Michael Kobs crater timeline.jpg

Unexploded bomb

Khan Sheikhun chemical unexploded bomb geolocation.jpg

Cellar where family allegedly died

Khan Sheikhun gas chamber cellar geolocation.jpg 4-4-2017-Goeloc basement.jpg

Al-Youssef family house

The palace behind the cameraman in the beginning of the video seems to be the house of the al-Youssef family.

Khan Sheikhun chemical Faruq Shami geolocation.jpg Khan Sheikhoun victims via Faruq Shami 3.jpg

Bodies under trees

Unknown hospital

Qasioun News Agency Khan Shaikhoun.jpg