Aleppo prisoner massacres

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A photograph published by the Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant showing the execution. (Other version)
Revolutionaries praise God around Bodies
A subgroup of the soldiers – executed separately – appear to be female medical staff
Alep massacre 141.jpg
Massacred civilians in an alleyway
A pile of maybe 5 bodies further down the street, under the tree in front of the alleyway
Hood of a Toyota 4X4 showing the emblem of the Salman al-Farisi (Salman the Persian) Battalion

Two videos published on YouTube by FSA channels on September 8th, 2012 show prisoner massacres in Aleppo that are, ostensibly, disconnected from each other. One is the killing of 20 apparent uniformed soldiers, executed by the FSA brigades, and the other is a similar number of civilian men allegedly slaughtered by government forces. However, it seems quite likely both arrays of bodies are part of the same rebel-controlled crime scene.

The first video shows about 20 executed civilians in a courtyard, reported as in Al Akramia district. The second video, and a third published two days later show about 20 solders lined up on a street and executed. Another smaller pile of possibly five more bodies is seen further down the street. Six of the bodies seem to be female medical staff. Some sources have speculated the location of the massacre may be in Saba'a Bahrat (presumably near Saba'a Bahrat Square. [1]

The first video also shows a peek view (at 0:20) of possibly another pile of bodies on the street outside. One body is shown on a few frames. The two other videos however confirm my interpretation, by showing a similar pile in a similar location in relation with the sidewalk. All videos may or may not be from same location. (See talk) Together the videos show a total of about 20 + 20 + 5 = 45 massacre victims.


The massacre sites are on tree-lined streets with a recognizable patterned concrete on the sidewalks. The bodies on the street are on a east-west street with 5 story houses on the northern side. Closed shops line the south side. In the west, the street ends in an intersection with a south-west to north-east east-west road. About 60 meters from the intersection the street makes a slight bend to the north. The general appearance of the street is central and uppers class. Streets in the Saladin neighborhood have a similar appearance. (photo)

The massacre may be related to the capture by rebels of parts of the Hanano Barracks. The Hanano military base is not located in the Hanano neighborhood in north-eastern Aleppo, but in central Aleppo, about 800 meters north-north-east of the Citadel. (Google Maps)

Possible female victims

Both videos pay special attention to a group of bodies at the eastern end of the street that seen to have been executed separately. Their appearance and clothing indicates they may be female medical staff. The possibility merits a look at the screen captures shared here.


According to the New York Times In one of the videos showing the executed soldiers, a narrator claims that a rebel battalion called Salman al-Farisi was responsible for killing the men. A man who claimed to be a representative of the battalion, contacted through its Facebook page, condemned the killings but said he was not sure whether members of the militia were responsible for them. The video of the executions was subsequently removed from the battalion’s Facebook page.[2]

  • نهاية الأمن على يدكتيبة سلمان الفارسي لواءأحرار الباب والشرق
    The end of the security [service] in the hands of the Battallion of Salman al-Farisi, Brigade of Ahrar al-Bab wal-Sharq
    Published on Sep 8, 2012 by slman alfarse
  • تصفية اكثر من 20 عنصر من القوات النظامية السورية بحلب+18
    (Liquidation of more than 20 members of the Syrian regime forces in Aleppo +18)
    Published on Sep 10, 2012 by syriahro

Text Sources

Hanano military base

There are conflicting reports of the fighting over the Hanano barracks, but little doubt that there was fighting, initiated by the FSA brigades.

Other research

2016 evacuation


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