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  • EXCLUSIVE: ‘Aleppo Media Centre’ Funded By French Foreign Office, EU and US - Vanessa Beeley , September 20, 2016
  • NATO Ops Caught in Aleppo is West's Worry - Finian Cunningham, Sputnik, October 19, 2016
    Western media routinely use video footage supplied by the AMC purporting to show the aftermath of Russian and Syrian airstrikes. The AMC is described as an “amateur”, “activist” source. But its information appears to be anything but amateurish. The footage is often obtained from aerial drones flying high above bombed-out buildings. What kind of “amateur” has access to such sophisticated technology, and, furthermore, able to operate it? That suggests that the AMC is receiving professional technical support to run an information war. Since NATO countries are known to heavily fund the unit, then it’s reasonable to think that those countries also supply supporting personnel.