2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine speculation

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Putin's attack plan for Ukraine as published by Bild
For the actual invasion, see Russian special operation in Ukraine‎
See also January 2022 Donbass false-flag attack plan and Russian security proposal of 2021

Western allegations

See also 2021 Donbass Crisis

Western weapons deliveries

The Great Exodus

Ukrainian position

In an open letter to the Russian president, shared with the Daily Star, Uri also calls on him to withdraw his troops from the Ukrainian border.And he urged people in Britain and around the world to join him in sending Putin an “urgent telepathic message” to “withdraw now!”. Daily Star

Biden-Zelensky phone call

Don't panic

Counter claims

Russian position

February 15, 2022: Shoigu and Assad laugh in Damascus while West is preparing for impact


Ukrainian opposition

  • Ilya Kyva, Telegram, February 11, 2022
    The war has long been planned by the Pentagon and they are well aware that Moscow will not and cannot endlessly give in, retreat and swallow more and more new scams and provocations of the West.

Western dissent

Any preparations?